About Us
We have over 18 years experience working with networked communications platforms.  For the
last five years our focus has been on voice communications, using Cisco AVVID products as well
as a number of Open Source solutions.

In addition to voice and VoIP technologies, we can offer these skills to our customers:
Structure directory services (Windows Active Directory, LDAP)
Enterprise email (MS Exchange, Postfix)
Host and network security (Cisco PIX, router ACL and IPTables)

We are active in a number of Open Source communities, as well as the principal developers of the
web conferencing suite, Web-MeetMe, for Asterisk.

While we are big fans of Open Source Software, we recognize that some customers may want the
additional security of having a large company to turn to for support.  This is why we consider our mission
to be focused on 'cost-effective' solutions.  A solution with the  least expensive upfront costs, may not
be the best choice or least costly over time, so we will always strive to match our offerings to each
customers specific needs.

Our News
April 28, 2007
We are pleased to launch our new website and open our doors for business

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